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We help thousands of people in various situations
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We have been helping children and adults, the elderly, as well as people who are facing various life crisis for more than 30 years.

We are a leading provider of social services in the Czech Republic and the first in the area of special education.

Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (DECCB) is a Christian non-profit-organization offering help and support for living a dignified and valuable life despite age, illness, disability, isolation, difficult social situations and other life crises. The services of Diaconia ECCB are based on Christian values and on the example of Jesus Christ.

We are one of the largest organizations in the Czech Republic providing social services. We care for our clients every day in direct care in more than 270 facilities, centers and special schools. We offer social, medical, educational and pastoral care.

We help people who are facing crisis
  • children and mothers in shelters                                                 
  • families with children who are coping with life-altering situations
  • children and teenagers on the street
  • people living in poverty, social exclusion or debt
Sheltered home

People in crises can turn for help and advice at specific centres that are provided at any time. These institutions help people who are threatened by exclusion from society as a result of poverty, a personal crisis, lack of education, a different ethnic background, etc.

Housing problems can be temporarily solved by shelters or transition, so called half-way, houses. Social empowerment services focus on providing support to families with children to help improve their communication abilities and social skills.

There are low-threshold centres where children and teenagers from “at risk” groups can productively spend their free time whichhelps to alleviate the risks of adolescence and exclusion.

People in crises can receive help at SOS centres or counselling centres. This includes advice relating to difficult situations and abuse.

We help people with a disability
  • families with a disabled child
  • children in special schools with a family environment 
  • children and adults in homes and hospitals
  • people with mental illness
  • People with disabilities to find work, housing and to live a dignified everyday life
Child with disability in Snoezelen

We provide many services for children and adults suffering from mental, physical, or combined disabilities. We create conditions so that clients can live a full life.

Daily care centres and social welfare institutions make it possible for people with handicapping conditions to take part in a social environment and leisure activities. Our clients are provided board and self-service assistance. We focus on skills training that helps them integrate into society.

We also assist clients in finding housing that is suitable to their needs – residential homes, sheltered housing, a week-day social welfare institution. Sheltered housing and care homes provide opportunities for finding permanent or temporary homes, helping clients become more independent.

Sheltered and social therapeutic workshops and sheltered employment offer social rehabilitation and job involvement. We also operate a tea-room and a restaurant.

We offer centres for early intervention to help families care for young children with handicaps. This service is available for children up to seven years old. Consultants visit the families and help them handle the essential care related to children with disabilities, dysfunctions, or retardation.

In close cooperation with parents, we hold classes based on individualized plans at special schools, and we plan together with the parents to create new opportunities for success. We are one of the first to organize special classes for autistic children.

We help elderly people
  • seniors at home so they can stay in their own environment
  • seniors in homes and in other facilities for dignified aging
  • people with dementia to live in a safe environment
Elderly woman

We offer a variety of assistance to elderly clients according to their individual needs. We make it possible for them to stay at home safely and comfortably for as long as possible.

Daycare and nursing services are provided at clients’ homes.

Ambulatory services offer essential care for people who are not able to stay at home all day and do not need to live in an institution. These include daily care centres and daily social welfare institutions. Aid, board, and hygiene are guaranteed. Clients can meet with each other and choose from a variety of leisure activities.

We also offer placement in care homes for elderly clients and respite services. We create the environment of a friendly “new home” so that caring families may better manage difficult situations.  Another alternative is a weekday social welfare institution where clients can leave for the weekends.

Diaconia ECCB has long-term experience in caring for clients with dementia. We run specialized care homes suitable for clients suffering from dementia. We cooperate with the Czech Association for Alzheimer’s Disease.

We also help


Our partners

An important part of Diaconia is its relationship with the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB). Every Diaconia centre is formally connected with a local ECCB congregation. In most cases, the centres were founded by members of the church, and they receive support of all kinds from the congregations, such as financial support, material contributions, and voluntary help.

Diaconia is also a member of the following organizations:

  • Eurodiaconia – European network of churches and Christian NGOs providing social and health care services
  • EAPN – a national platform against poverty
  • SKOK – an umbrella organization for non-profit organizations providing social and health care services
  • The Czech Council of Humanitarian Organizations
  • The Czech Society for Alzheimer’s Disease

The aim of these organizations is to represent common interests in negotiations with the government and to facilitate the exchange of experiences among experts, the mediation of good practice, and joint coordination.

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The central office is in charge of the management of Diaconia. It represents the organization in negotiations with government agencies, in committees, and other bodies on the national level, in contacts with the leadership of the ECCB, and with partners in other countries.

Other tasks include methodological guidance, quality management, and the creation and development of the basic conditions for diaconal work (social legislation, church regulations, the diaconate, etc.).


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