Services for elderly people

We offer a variety of assistance to elderly clients according to their individual needs. We make it possible for them to stay at home safely and comfortable as long as possible.

Day care and nursing services are provided at clients’ homes.

Ambulatory services offer essential care during the transition between receiving assistance at home and living in an institution. These include daily care centres and daily social welfare institutions. Assistance, board, and hygiene are guaranteed. Clients can meet with each other and choose from a variety of leisure activities.

We also offer placement in care homes for elderly clients and respite services. We create the environment of a friendly “new home” so that caring families may better manage difficult situations.  Another alternative is a week-day social welfare institution where clients can leave for the weekends.

Diaconia ECCB has long-term experience in caring for clients with dementia. We run special care homes suitable for clients suffering from dementia. We cooperate with the Czech Association for Alzheimer’s Disease.

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