We have been helping children and adults, the elderly, as well as people who are facing various life crisis for more than 30 years.

We are a leading provider of social services in the Czech Republic and first in the area of special education.




We help people who are facing crisis

  • children and mothers in shelters                                                 
  • families with children who are coping with life-altering situations
  • children and teenagers on the street
  • people living in poverty, social exclusion or debt

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We help people with a disability

  • families with a disabled child
  • children in special schools with a family environment 
  • children and adults in homes and hospitals
  • people with mental illness
  • People with disabilities to find work, housing and to live a dignified everyday life

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We help elderly people

  • seniors at home so they can stay in their own environment
  • seniors in homes and in other facilities for dignified aging
  • people with dementia to live in a safe environment

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We also help


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